Summary of Changes in Version 3.1

Here's a summary of the changes I made in my Twin Cities Fantasy Transit System, going from Version 3.0 to 3.1.  Click on the header to go to that system's/line's page.

High Speed Rail

My initial High Speed Rail (HSR) routing went from the Progressive Rail tracks paralleling MN 55 in Mendota Heights onto a new Minnesota River bridge just north of the I-494 bridge, crossing MN 5 just north of Post Rd, and interlining with the Hiawatha and Hiawatha Express LRT lines from the Airport station north into downtown Minneapolis.

This has been changed to a routing that follows the Big Rivers Regional Trail, the Union Pacific tracks across the Mississippi and to St. Paul Union Station, then continuing through Union Station along BNSF tracks to the downtown Minneapolis Multimodal Station.


Intercity Rail


Bloomington LRT

Due in part to changes I made in the Southwest line, and also for a more logical termini, I extended the Bloomington line west to the Southwest Transit Center.  The routing also allows the line to stop at the Town Center West station (planned in real life as the Eden Prairie Town Center station).


Bottineau LRT


Hiawatha LRT

Only the wording of the Hiawatha Express LRT was changed, to reflect that my HSR routing no longer follows it.


Midtown LRT


Southwest LRT


University LRT



Based on a Hopkins city proposal for a short trolley to connect the Hopkins LRT station with Main Street, I've added a streetcar line that not only ties the two together, but also extends west down Hopkins' Main St to 17th Ave N.


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