Yazoo City, MS to Union City, TN

Suggested changes:  Designate US 47 along the following routing:

Under this scenario, the following other route changes would be made:

Rationale:  Insofar as anyone can tell, US 47 has never been assigned.  I've used it here to designate an important regional route between Grenada, MS and Jackson, TN.  Although not quite 300 miles in length, the proposal does go through two states and removes a pair of split routes, which are discouraged by AASHTO.  In this case, we replace US 49E in Mississippi and US 45W in Tennessee.  US 49W becomes regular US 49, and US 45E becomes US 45.

Original credit for this idea should go to R.V. Droz, an MTR regular and curaitor of a major US Highways page.  His original idea was similar, but has been modified by me above.

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