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A page for suggested changes, additions, and deletions to the US Highway System

Disclaimer:  The opinions of the author of this page are IN NO WAY associated with the various state departments of transportation, the Federal Highway Administration, or the US Department of Transportation.

I first started these pages in 1999, back when I had a lot more "zeal" for the U.S. highway system.  While that zeal has given way to moderation (and age) over the years, I still think the U.S. highway routes are an important part of the overall roadway system, though I differ in my opinions with some on how to best maintain that.  My personal preference is to pare down those U.S. routes that are duplicated or serve minor corridors, while at the same time bringing National Highway System (NHS) corridors that aren't already U.S. or Interstate highways into the system.  Some other routes that aren't NHS may also be worthy of the U.S. highway shield.  Below are some specific examples of my ideas.

Policy ideas for combining the U.S. and National Highway Systems

Changes (ME, MA, RI)

Relocation/Extension - Benton, CA to Lathrop, CA

Yellowstone National Park

Designation - Yazoo City, MS to Union City, TN

Eastern Arkansas

Extension - Sioux City, IA to near Mankato, MN

Redesignation - Linton, ND to Carlton, MN

Route Eliminations

The most comprehensive list of US highways I've seen so far on the Internet.

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