Linton, ND to Carlton, MN

Suggested changes:

Rationale:  Part of MN 210 is a former US route that was decommissioned around 1973.  MnDOT kept the route number, as well as a state-designated extension west to the North Dakota line.  In addition, the route has remained an important east-west route across northern Minnesota, with the segment east of US 10 designated as an Interregional Corridor under MnDOT's IRC program.

Most of the ND 13/MN 210 duo is also on the National Highway System.  The only segment that isn't is from Fergus Falls, MN to Staples, MN, and this segment itself is an important regional connector.

In keeping with current AASHTO policy, the suggested route goes through more than one state and is well over 300 miles in length.

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