Minnesota Highway 95 (Southern Portion)**

Southern Terminus

Northern Terminus

At US 61/US 10 near Hastings, MN At US 8 near Taylor's Falls, MN

** - MN 95, while fully one route, is effectively broken up into two parts, an east-west portion between MN 23 and US 8 at Taylor's Falls, and a north-south portion from US 8 south to US 61/10 near Hastings.

Southern Terminus

The view from southbound US 61/US 10. Photo by Don Greiskalns.


END signage on approach to the intersection. Photo by Don Greiskalns.


Larger context view of the END signage. Photo by Monte Castleman.


Larger context view of the intersection, as seen from MN 95. Photo by Monte Castleman.

Northern Terminus

No photographs available.

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Last Updated:  January 2, 2003

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