Minnesota Highway 246

Western Terminus

Eastern Terminus

At MN 3 in Northfield, MN At MN 56 near Kenyon, MN

Western Terminus


Slightly realigned from its previous terminus, this is the west end at MN 3 on the southern outskirts of Northfield.  Photo by Monte Castleman.


Close-up of the END shield.  Photo by Monte Castleman.

Eastern Terminus


MN 246 is one of the more important of the 219-287 series connecting routes. Besides providing a side entrance to the large town of Northfield, Nerstrand Big Woods State Park, is located off this highway. Away from Northfield and the park, traffic thins out; the traffic level at the east terminus is about 1/10th the level at the Northfield city limits. This photograph shows the intersection where Minnesota 246 terminates from the west. The end shield assembly to the far right can be seen in the next photograph.  Photo by Monte Castleman.


END signage at the eastern end.  Photo by Monte Castleman.

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