About This Site

Having seen many other exit lists, and noticing that Mississippi, Alabama, and Louisiana didn't have any, I decided to create my own lists for the area.  Down below are the lists of what I have up, and what I'm in the process of making.  As you can see, I have a fair ways to go before everything is up and running.  For a more in depth focus on exit lists, including an example of the format used, go to the separate page that Matt Salek has set up.  I include information on interchange type, services provided, and points-of-interest where possible.  Unless known to be otherwise, all interchanges are assumed to be standard diamonds.  This may not be totally accurate, and I appreciate any comments or corrections to be sent to me.

Some of the exit lists below may have state and US highways listed as text, instead of shields.  This is because I haven't quite gotten all the shields that I need created, and I decided it'd be better in the short-term to just put the exit list up.   Eventually, all state and US highway shields will be added.


Page last modified 19 March, 2004