EXIT 1:   Louisiana-Mississippi Line to Mississippi-Alabama Line

EXIT 2  JCT Meridian, MS to Mississippi-Alabama Line

EXIT 3A:   Louisiana-Mississippi Line to SOUTH, Jackson, MS
EXIT 3B:   SOUTH, Jackson, MS to JCT Meridian, MS

EXIT 4A:   Louisiana-Mississippi Line to Jackson, MS
EXIT 4B:   Jackson, MS to Mississippi-Tennessee Line

EXIT 5A:   Louisiana-Mississippi Line to Hattiesburg, MS
EXIT 5B:   Hattiesburg, MS to JCT Meridian, MS

EXIT 6:   Robinsonville, MS to Hernando, MS

EXIT 7:    to

EXIT 8:    to

EXIT 9A:   Meridian to OLD Marion
EXIT 9B:  Shannon to Mississippi-Tennessee Line

EXIT 10:    Tennessee-Mississippi Line to Mississippi-Alabama Line

EXIT 11:   SOUTH to the Mississippi-Alabama Line

EXIT 12:   to

EXIT 13:   West Oxford to East Oxford

EXIT 14:   East Oxford to Northeast Oxford

EXIT 15:   Old to

EXIT 16:   West Tupelo to

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