EXIT 1:   Mississippi-Alabama Line to Alabama-Florida Line

EXIT 2  Mississippi-Alabama Line to JCT Birmingham, AL

EXIT 3:   JCT Birmingham, AL to Alabama-Georgia Line

EXIT 4:   JCT Birmingham, AL to Alabama-Georgia Line

EXIT 5A:    Mobile to Letohatchee
EXIT 5B:   Letohatchee to Calera
EXIT 5C:   Calera to Hayden Corner
EXIT 5D:    Hayden Corner to Alabama-Tennessee Line

EXIT 6:    Montgomery to Alabama-Georgia Line

EXIT 7:    to

EXIT 8:   to NORTH

EXIT 9:    Bessemer to Center Point

EXIT 10:    Whiteside to Huntsville

EXIT 11:   Gadsden to Gadsden

EXIT 12:    Birmingham to

EXIT 13: Mississippi-Alabama Line to Graysville, AL

EXIT 14: M.L. King Blvd to Tuscaloosa, AL

EXIT 15: Lily Flagg Rd, Huntsville, AL  to EAST, Huntsville, AL

EXIT 16: Montgomery, AL to Montgomery, AL

EXIT 17: Huntsville, AL   to Huntsville, AL

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