Fictional Interstate 169 Mississippi Exit List

This fictional exit list is based on plans for an Interstate spur from proposed Interstate 69 to the city of Greenville, MS.  The corridor is roughly that as identified in a corridor study done for the city of Greenville by ABMB Engineers, Inc.  Interchange locations are an educated guess.  This Interstate spur, if built, would run from I-69 near the Great River Bridge, south to the planned US 82 Greenville Bypass.

This is a "bare-bones" exit list, hence why it's a text table only.  I have included major points-of-interest, as well as interchange configurations that are not the standard assumed diamond interchange, but little else.  I will eventually upgrade this list to my standard format.

NOTE:  Non-interchange items and county lines are listed by milepost number in parenthesis.

Exit Number/(Milepost Number) Southbound Northbound Interchange Notes
1AB I-69, El Dorado, Memphis 3-way directional
Begin I-169
  I-169 SOUTH    
(2.9) Lake Bolivar  
3   MS 1 NORTH, Benoit Half interchange to/from SOUTH
4 MS 450, Scott  
(8.1) Washington County Bolivar County  
9 MS 1 SOUTH, Greenville   Half-interchange to/from NORTH
Winterville Mounds Museum
10 Winterville TO MS 1 SOUTH, Winterville Winterville Mounds Museum
13 Broadway Extension, Mid-Delta Regional Airport Airport EAST
19 MS 182, Greenville, Leland Par-clo/diamond, EB-NB is loop
21 US 82, Lake Village, Indianola 3-way directional
End I-169