Fictional US 82 Greenville Bypass

This fictional exit list is based on the upcoming US 82 Greenville Bypass, of which right-of-way is already being purchased.  The plan is for a roughly 17-mile Interstate-standard bypass of Greenville, which would allow for connections both to a proposed Interstate spur from I-69 (dubbed I-169 by many local interests), and to a planned $200 million US 82 bridge over the Mississippi River (an Interstate-standard span to replace the old existing 2-lane bridge).  The Interstate-grade freeway was originally planned to run all the way to the US 61 interchange, but local Leland interests pressured MDOT to cancel the Leland section.  My exit list below reflects what might have happened had this cancellation not taken place.  It also reflects the assumption that US 278 (which still is not signed in Mississippi west of New Wren) will be rerouted to the Great River Bridge once it is built.

This is a "bare-bones" exit list, hence why it's a text table only.  I have included major points-of-interest, as well as interchange configurations that are not the standard assumed diamond interchange, but little else.  I will eventually upgrade this list to my standard format.

NOTE:  Non-interchange items and county lines are listed by milepost number in parenthesis.

Exit Number/(Milepost Number) Eastbound Westbound Interchange Notes
    US 82 WEST  
(?) AR 142 Intersection 
(0) Mississippi
Washington County
Chicot County
Mississippi River Bridge
1 MS 182, MS 454, West Greenville  Par-clo/diamond, EB 82-EB 182 is loop
Port of Greenville NORTH
6 MS 1, Wayside, South Greenville Par-clo/diamond, EB-NB is loop
11 I-169, TO I-69, Memphis, El Dorado 3-way directional
15 Old US 61, Leland   Half-interchange to WEST
Ramps are loops
West end of frontage road system
15   MS 182 WEST, Leland, Greenville Half-directional to EAST
16   Leland Frontage Road Half-interchange to EAST
East end of frontage road system
17AB US 61, Vicksburg, Cleveland Cloverleaf
  US 82 EAST, Indianola