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Froggie's "Fantasy Freeways" is a collection of various freeway proposals and ideas, compiled together and displayed as maps, exit lists, and "fictional cruises".  My intention is to have this be a repository for the "ultimate freeway system", combining today's freeway system with the cancelled freeways of the past, future proposals, and a good dose of my own fictional ideas and real-life suggestions.

Just as a reminder, these freeways and Interstates are *FICTIONAL*. They do not exist in real life as presented here.  DO NOT go calling your state DOT or local officials asking when these roads will be built, because in all likelihood, they never will be.

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Subfeature Pages:

Froggie's Fictional Cruise

Matt Salek's Fictional Freeway Exit Lists - Hosted here.

Possible Fictional Corridors -  Here's the list of future fictional freeways that I currently have on the backburner.   Comments and suggestions are always welcome.



Mobile, AL Outer Loop

Mobile County

Airport Blvd

Alabama Fantasy Freeways -  This list is specific to Alabama, and represents a "working list" for future material on this site.



I-33 Sioux City, IA to Bloomington, MN

Rochester to Minneapolis Corridor

Cancelled Twin Cities Highways - More "fictional exit lists" here, detailing those highways in the Twin Cities that were cancelled or otherwise reduced in scope.

Froggie's Minnesota Corridors - Includes "fictional exit lists" for my proposed outstate Minnesota major corridors.

Minnesota Fantasy Freeways -  This list is specific to Minnesota, and represents a "working list" for future material on this site.



Greenville, MS Spur

Meridian, MS South Bypass

Jackson, MS Beltway

Greenville, MS Bypass

Mississippi Fantasy Freeways -  This list is specific to Mississippi, and represents a "working list" for future material on this site.


New York:

Ultimate Syracuse, NY System, including: 




Other States:

Naval Base Guam to Anderson AFB, GU

Nanakuli, HI to Hawai'i Kai, HI

I-10 Rayne, LA to East New Orleans, LA

Avenue of the Saints - Wentzville, MO to Clear Lake, IA

I-49 Shreveport, LA to Joplin, MO

I-72 St Joseph, MO to East Hannibal, IL

Key Largo, FL to Miami, FL


Wilmington, DE Loop


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