Fictional Interstate 290 Minnesota Exit List

This fictional exit list represents my ideas for a freeway along the US 52 corridor between Rochester and St. Paul.  Although a freeway corridor is being planned, the below list represents my ideas solely, including some interchange upgrade ideas of mine.  I will also create an upcoming list based on the actual current plan.  This exit list includes 3 interchanges at other "fictional freeways", and have been noted as such in the list.

This is a "bare-bones" exit list, hence why it's a text table only.  I have included major points-of-interest, as well as interchange configurations that are not the standard assumed diamond interchange, but little else.  I will eventually upgrade this list to my standard format.

NOTE:  Non-interchange items and county lines are listed by milepost number in parentesis.

Exit Number/(Milepost Number) Northbound Southbound Interchange Notes
    US 52 South, Preston, Dubuque  
1AB I-90, La Crosse, Madison, Albert Lea Cloverleaf
1C CSAH 36, Marion Rd  
4 CSAH 1, 11th Ave SE Gamehaven Scout Reservation SOUTH
5AB (Fictional) I-390 SOUTH, (Real) US 63, Broadway, Downtown, Rochester Int'l Airport Cloverleaf with NB 390 to NB 290 flyover
8A CSAH 25, 16th St SW, TO US 14 EAST CSAH 25, 16th St SW SB off-ramp is loop
8BC   CSAH 8, US 14 EAST, Salem Rd SW, 12th St SW, Winona Half interchange to/from NORTH
SB-EB is loop
9A 6th St SW   Half-diamond to/from SOUTH
9B CSAH 34, 2nd St SW, Downtown Mayo Clinic EAST
10AB (Fictional) I-135, US 14 WEST, Civic Center Dr, Owatonna Cloverleaf with NB-WB flyover
11 19th St NW, Elton Hills Dr NW SPUI
12A 37th St NW   Half-diamond to/from SOUTH
12B 41st St NW 41st St NW
37th St NW
13 CSAH 22, 55th St NW, Circle Drive  
15 CSAH 14, 75th St NW, Douglas Douglas State Trail WEST
18 CSAH 12, Oronoco  
(19.9) Shady Lake/Middle Fork Zumbro River  
(23.3) Goodhue County Olmsted County  
25A CSAH 11, Pine Island  
25B   Pine Island Half interchange to/from NORTH
29 MN 60 EAST, Mazeppa, Zumbro Falls Trumpet interchange
SB on-ramp is loop
30 MN 58, CSAH 10, Zumbrota, Red Wing MN 58, CSAH 10, Zumbrota Hospital NORTH
32 MN 60 WEST, Wanamingo, Kenyon  
(34.5) North Fork Zumbro River  
35 CSAH 7, Sherwood Road  
(37.5) Hader Rest Area (both directions)  
40 MN 57, CSAH 8, Wanamingo Folded diamond to SOUTH
45 CSAH 1, White Rock Folded diamond to SOUTH
48 CSAH 14, Sogn Folded diamond to NORTH
50 CSAH 24, South Cannon Falls  
(51.7) Little Cannon River  
52 MN 19, TO MN 20, Cannon Falls, Northfield, Hastings MN 19, TO MN 20, Cannon Falls, Northfield, Red Wing Folded diamond to NORTH
(52.8) Dakota County Goodhue County Cannon River bridge
54 CSAH 86, 280th St Lake Byllesby Regional Park WEST
SB on-ramp is loop
59AB MN 50, MN 56, Farmington, Hampton MN 50, MN 56, TO US 61, Farmington, Kenyon, Red Wing SB-EB is loop
60 CSAH 47, Northfield Blvd, Hampton, Hastings CSAH 47, Northfield Blvd, Hampton, Northfield SB on-ramp is loop
63 CSAH 66, 200th St, Empire, Vermillion Folded diamond to SOUTH
65AB (Fictional) MN 352, Hastings-Lakeville Freeway Cloverleaf with C/D roads
67 CSAH 46, 160th St Folded diamond to SOUTH
69AB MN 55 EAST, CSAH 42, Hastings, Rosemount SB-EB and NB-WB are loops
72 117th St NB on-ramp is loop
73 CSAH 32, 105th St  
74 CSAH 56, Concord Blvd Folded diamond to SOUTH
75 MN 55 WEST, Minneapolis, MSP Airport   Half-directional to/from SOUTH
76 80th St E 80th St E, TO MN 55 WEST Folded diamond to NORTH
77 CSAH 26, 70th St E SPUI
78 Upper 55th St E Folded diamond to SOUTH
79AB I-494, MN 110 WEST, Eau Claire Cloverleaf with C/D roads
80 CSAH 14, Mendota Rd, Southview Blvd  
81 Wentworth Ave, Thompson Ave Elongated diamond
82 Butler Ave  
(82.8) Ramsey County Dakota County  
83 MN 156, Concord St  
84B Plato Blvd, Fillmore Ave   South end of frontage roads
84A   Eaton St  
84B   Plato Blvd North end of frontage roads
(84.5) Lafayette Bridge, Mississippi River  
85AB I-94, US 10   Half-interchange to/from SOUTH
END (Fictional) I-290
  Lafayette Rd NORTH