Western/Central Minnesota

This page covers MN 7 through western and central Minnesota, from US 12 at Ortonville, MN to MN 100 in St. Louis Park, MN.  Total length of this segment is approximately 168 miles.

General Description

MN 7 is almost completely a 2-lane corridor west of the Twin Cities metro area.  Although overshadowed by US 212 to the south and US 12 to the north, MN 7 is still designated as a Regional Corridor under MnDOT's IRC system.  It is also on the NHS between Ortonville and Montevideo, and also between I-494 and MN 100 within the Twin Cities metro.

Current Roadway Configuration

MnDOT's Vision

The general vision for MN 7 is as a Preservation corridor outside the Metro area and as a Management corridor within the Metro area.  Some urban widening may occur in Montevideo and in Hutchinson.

While MnDOT would like to expand MN 7 to 4 lanes from near Lester Prairie to MN 41 and to either 6 lanes or a freeway between MN 41 and MN 100, it lacks the funding to do so.

Specific Future Projects

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Last updated 03 February, 2006