Northern Minnesota

This page covers US 2 through northern Minnesota, from the North Dakota border at East Grand Forks, MN to the Wisconsin border at Duluth, MN.  Total length of US 2 is approximately 264 miles.

General Description/Suggestions

US 2 is generally 4 lanes west of Cass Lake, and 2 lanes east of Cass Lake.  It is part of the National Highway System, and is a Medium Priority Interregional Corridor.  Because of its importance, I suggest making it a 4-lane corridor across the state.

Average Daily Traffic Counts (various locations)

Location 2000 ADT 2000 HCADT
Red River Bridge 22,500 940
Between BUS US 2 and MN 220 S 5,300 660
Between Main St and W 3rd St in Crookston 15,400 680
Between Mentor and Erskine 3,200 460
In Fosston 5,700 560
Polk-Clerwater County line 3,550 520
Richard Bong Bridge 15,600 710

Speed Limit

Current Roadway Configuration

MnDOT's Vision

MnDOT's overall vision for US 2 is as a Preservation corridor, except for two segments which would be Management corridors:  from Bemidji to Deer River and in the Grand Rapids area.  No major capacity expansions are envisioned, although as a Management corridor passing lanes might be added between Bemidji and Deer River, similar to what currently exists in a few locations between Grand Rapids and Proctor.

Specific Future Projects

Froggie Suggests


Last updated 03 February, 2006