Fall Foliage 2004 - Blue Ridge Parkway and SR 634

As part of the return from my Fall Foliage trip, I took a side trip along the Blue Ridge Parkway, then along SR 634 near Wintergreen Resort.  These photos are from along those two routes.  All of these photos were taken by the webmaster on October 30, 2004.

Blue Ridge Parkway

Various views as I made my way south along the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP).
A small cotton field along the BRP.

Three views from the Greenstone Overlook, looking northwestward.

Very little of the northern part of the BRP has guardrail, as this photo exemplifies.
The BRP intersects SR 664 at-grade.  At this point I turned left to follow SR 664 to VA 151.


SR 664

Coming down from the BRP, SR 664 has a 15% downhill grade with some moderate curves along the way.

Some of the views heading downhill.  Note that VDOT takes slightly better care of SR 664 than they do the average secondary route.
To the left here is the entrance to Wintergreen Resort.

Almost near the bottom here.
At the bottom of the hill, SR 664 flattens out for a mile or two before ending at VA 151.
Here's a view from northbound VA 151, a little ways southwest of the village of Wintergreen.
This last view is of SR 634, which is a sem-shortcut between VA 151 at Wintergreen and VA 6 near US 29.  This image is near the VA 6 end.


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