Fall Foliage 2004 - Appalachian Trail

This photo set, from my Fall Foliage 2004 photos, are images I captured while hiking along the Appalachian Trail.  From Rockfish Gap, I hiked about 2 miles to the northeast before returning.  All of these photos were taken by the webmaster on October 30, 2004.

Appalachian Trail

A sign proclaiming Rockfish Gap, from along the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP).  The bridge immediately behind the sign takes the BRP across US 250, while the bridge in the far background takes the BRP over I-64.
An attempt to look through the trees at Waynesboro, VA.

Various scenes along the trail.

Water was available from a pipe not too far off the trail.
The way to continue along the trail at forks like this is to follow the white squares painted every so often on trees along the trail.  In this case, we take the fork to the right.

More scenes from along the trail.  By the third photo, I was on my way back to Rockfish Gap.
An information board for campers along the trail.

Four more scenes from the return hike.

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