Fall Foliage 2004 - Rockfish Gap

This photo set, from my Fall Foliage 2004 photos, are images I captured of and around the vicinity of Rockfish Gap.  Rockfish Gap is a small gap in Afton Mountain through which both I-64 and US 250 cross the mountain.  All of these photos were taken by the webmaster on October 30, 2004.

Rockfish Gap

Most of my views of Rockfish Gap come from the top of the gap, which I found a side way to get to from the Appalachian Trail.  This view looks southwestward at development near the gap itself.  Eastbound I-64 is at the far bottom, with the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) visible through the middle of the image.
Slightly down, to the right, and zoomed in from the above photo.  The bridge on the right side takes BRP over I-64.

Zoomed in views of buildings photographed above.  The white car in the middle of the lower photo is mine...that's where I parked for this hike.

These two views look southward from my perch.  The road seen in the zoomed in images is VA 6.

Looking a little further left from the upper image above.  VA 6 is still visible.
A teepee I found on a flat spot within Rockfish Gap.  The inside of the teepee, unfortunately, was dirty and trash-ridden.
A berry bush I found near the teepee.
A zoom-in of the BRP bridge over I-64, taken from near the teepee.
Looking in the other direction along I-64 from near the teepee.
Back down at "ground level", this is looking east at I-64 through the Gap, as seen from the BRP bridge over I-64.
VDOT maintains a weather station at the Gap.  This part of Afton Mountain is prone to periods of dense fog.  This fog has been known to cause fatal accidents in the past, both on US 250 and on I-64.
Looking east at US 250 as it begins descending from Afton Mountain.
The junction with US 250 marks the northern terminus of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  This sign proclaims the "entrance" as one begins heading south.
A little north of I-64 here.  The BRP continues north of I-64 as Skyline Drive as it passes through Shenandoah National Park.
National Park sign of Rockfish Gap.

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