Froggie's Mech Designs

The following are various mech designs I've created over the years, including fluff text.  Disclaimer.

Mech designs available from Burger's Battlemechs

LCT-O Locust
HRV-T4 Harvester
HSR 200-E Hussar
HBK-O Hunchback
FLC-H1 Flechette
ARC-O Archer
LNS-O Longstrike

Mech designs available from McAtee Manufacturing

SWT-B8 Switchblade
ENG-4R Engager

Mech Designs from Cosara Weaponries

KGC-100 King Crab

Prototype Mechs

HBK-6X Hunchback
PHB-1A Phoebe
RVN-4H Raven
TR-3X Wraith

Refitted Mechs

CLN-7F Chameleon
RJN101-F Raijin
BSW-XF Bushwacker

Spotted Clan Mechs

Spider IIC

Zip File of Heavy Metal Pro files for all listed mechs

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Before I forget, many terms on this site, including BATTLETECH, MECH, BATTLEMECH, MECHWARRIOR, AEROTECH, and AEROTECH 2, (and perhaps some others), are Trademarks (Registered or "not-yet" Registered) of FASA Corporation.  (Randall, if you want a better disclaimer, let me know.)