Twin Cities Interchange Upgrade Ideas

This page, as a supplement to my Road Rant pages, is a list of graphics and maps of my ideas for improving Twin Cities area bottlenecks and interchanges.  For the most part, I used topographic maps from Topozone as the base, using Portable Network Graphics (.PNG) for the file type and editing the maps in Paint Shop Pro.  This produces a topographic-type map that shows the ramps and highways as they would appear based on my ideas and suggestions.  Feel free to pass on any questions or comments you may have.

The Hastings Bypass idea was created a little differently, using 2006 aerial imagery from the National Agriculture Imagery Program and overlaying routes on top of the imagery in ArcMap 9.1 (part of the ArcGIS Desktop suite), then cleaning up the image in Paint Shop Pro.

Click on a route shield or the location to view the page.

Spaghetti Junction
Downtown Minneapolis
New Brighton
Arden Hills
Hastings Bypass


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Page last modified 15 June, 2008