This is my page for optional Aerotech 2 rules and equipment that I have come up with.  Some of these items have been posted to the newsgroup, and I do accept submissions, provided they are also posted to  If you think I should include anything, or you have comments, please let me know.


Optional Aerospace Rules/Equipment

Optional Refueling Rules

Optional Naval Components

Alternative Minimal Crew Requirements

Froggie's Escape Pods and Lifeboats

Aerospace Missiles

Capital Weapons on Dropships

Alternative K-F Drive Cores

Aerospace Fighter designs

BSE-X4 Banshee
SL1-O Slayer

Small Craft Designs

KC-25 Refueling Shuttle
ST-46 Shuttle (from TR 3057, adapted to AT2)

Dropship Designs

Modified Fortress Spheroid
Intruder-BA Spheroid

Jumpship Designs


Warship Designs

Potemkin Troop Cruiser (Froggie's version)

Space Station Designs


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